Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2 Spring Must Haves

fashion - embroidered top - mott and bow jeans - spring fashion
 Top | Jeans | Heels | Purse | Lipstick - beige nude 
As a lady who is constantly drawn to all things feminine it's no surprise that today's post involves one of my favorites…Florals. I could honestly never get tired of wearing them! On one of my recent trips to the mall I came upon this floral embroidered top and immediately tried it on. When I tried it there were about a million things that I loved about it including the embroidered print over the sheerness and of course the crop fit. I ended up pairing this top with a black pair of mid rise jeans, my velvet mary janes then for the cherry top my gorgers new Gucci bag. Really how could I say no to the darling pink bag. You cant go wrong with these 2 items for spring.
how to - spring style - floral top - marc fisher - gucci - lucy paris
Gucci handbag - Gucci - Style blogger - fashion - Neiman Marcus - floral
style - simply sutter - lucy paris - dillards - sheer top - spring fashion
monic sutter - simply sutter - embroidered top - dillards - floral top
I'm really looking forward to wearing this top with high waisted shorts and even skirts. When it comes to this bag you will be seeing a lot of it! Today i'm working on a few inspiration boards for some upcoming projects so the computer is for sure going to be my best buddy well that and coffee.

Monday, February 20, 2017

5 fun clutches for this spring

5 clutches - statment clutch - clutch - style
Top | Clutch | Sandals c/o
Good morning everyone! Are you all having a great 3 day weekend so far? Over the weekend it was raining so much so I made it a point to sleep in and do a bit of online shopping. Speaking of shopping…
Ever since I got this fun "MUAH" clutch I have been on the look out for more of them. I have rounded up my top 5 favorites for you all because honestly they are going to be everywhere! Clutches like this are always so fun to add a dash of pizzaz to an outfit. Doesn't this one looks so good with this yellow shirt. My top 5 clutches are also all under $200 ( SEE MORE BELOW)
simply sutter - monic sutter - spring style - clutch
clutch - fun clutch - statement - simply sutter - style
What is your favorite clutch? and if you know of any others that aren't here let me know i'd love to check them out. 


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Styling and Caring For Our First Indoor Plant

fiddle leaf fig tree - indoor plants - home decor - simply sutter
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Basket | Couches | Rug c/o Rug USA | Coffee Table 
When I first shared with you all that Chris and I were taking home our very first indoor plant, I got tons of questions on if they were hard to maintain or where in our home was it going? So I decided to round up all of those awesome questions and put together today's post. 
We ended up going with a mature Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. To be honest if we got a started one I'm not to sure how the fella would have held up since I don't have the best green thumb. Then of course there was the fact that the perfect spot for the Fig Tree was a pretty big space, so bigger was better. 
When it came to sprucing up "Fig" yes we named him lol we went through 2 baskets till finally finding this giant wicker basket (ON SALE). Making sure the basket fits properly is key so to save some time make sure you measure the pot as well as tray where the water will leak in to. 
Now I am no expert by any means so i'm just going by what I have researched online and am crossing all of my fingers and toes that it keeps flourishing. I water the fig tree once a week and always make sure that he basks in non direct sunlight. 
monic sutter - simply sutter - home - living spaces - pier1 - pottery barn
fiddle leaf - wicker basket - simply sutter - style - home decor - casa sutter
indoor plant - pier1 - pottery barn - home
pier1 - pottery barn - living spaces - lowes
pier1 basket - pottery barn basket - living spaces coffee table
indoor plant - how to care for an indoor plant
I hope you all loved today's post I know I always love sharing inside looks of the house. Would you like more home (life style posts)? If so what do you want to see? Recipes, Styling, Backyard, Hosting? 
Have a great weekend!

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