2 Easy Ways To Wear a Ribbed Dress
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2 Easy Ways To Wear a Ribbed Dress

2 simple ways to wear a ribbed dress 2 easy ways to wear a ribbed dress

A little black dress is an item we all have in out closet but a ribbed dress black is new on my list of must haves. Today I’m sharing 2 easy ways to style this $39 ribbed dress. So if you are looking for a new wardrobe essential stick around!

This year it is all about the ribbed material. I’ve seen some other really cute pieces but a dress like the one I’m wearing is more versatile. My dress is great to wear on it’s own with as it’s soft, lightweight texture and  has pretty detailed buttons down the front. I ended up sticking with my normal size XS in black but it is also available in olive green as well.

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The first way to style this dress is with another one of my favorite closet staples. Adding a classic denim jacket over this ribbed dress makes for a great date outfit. Finish the look off with a white bag and comfy platform sandals. I kept the accessories for both of these looks the same because I love them so much and plan on wearing them a ton.

I’m a huge fan of a comfy tee so for look number two I paired a striped tee over this dress. To give this tee a bit more a put together look I created a side knot. All you have to do is gather some of the material on the side and tie it into a knot. Again I keep the accessories the same. This is a great look for a day with the girls or the family.

2 simple ways to wear a ribbed dress2 simple ways to wear a ribbed dress 2 simple ways to wear a ribbed dress 2 simple ways to wear a ribbed dress

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Hopefully this gives you two more reasons you need this dress or inspires you to wear the one you own already! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today’s post! It was a bit chilly when Chris and I shot for this but it’s a dress I just couldn’t wait to share with you all! Have a great day!


PS If you have any questions, comments or just want to say you can ALWAYS drop them below in the box!