2 ways to wear scallop flats
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2 ways to wear scallop flats

2 ways to wear scallop - lace top - white skirt

Happy Monday! Do you all have a pair of shoes that you just love wearing any chance you get? I know I do and that’s why I’m sharing with you my favorite on sale scallop flats and 2 ways to wear them.┬áThese flats are honestly one of my new favorites * ON SALE $77 * I do love my flats but when they are nude colored I love them even more because of how they still make my stems look ┬álonger without having to wear heels. But as if these couldn’t get any better they are also scalloped and you all know how much I love my scallops.

The first way to wear these scallop flats are with a white skirt and silky cami. This look is one that I’m crushing on for date night. It’s got just the right amount of romance and sweetness. I feel like a lot of the times people think that if date night is happening heels are a must but with these beauties you can throw that thought right out the window.

white skirt - pink bag - scallop flats - sam edelmanLace cami - scallop flats - simply sutter - pink bag

Now on to my second favorite way to wear these flats because honestly you can’t go wrong with it. An outfit that involves denim is yes in my book! I was thinking about changing my outfit completely but honestly I can’t get enough of this lace cami that I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So I decided to keep the cami and scallop flats and just changed my bottoms into these new jeans. If you are looking for a casual look with a few extra details this is a simple look to recreate. Did I mentions that these scallop flats also come in leopard, gold and black? I think these might just be ones that I have to get a few other colors! Shop them below.

Simply Sutter - Denim outfit - lace cami - scallop flats denim outfit - nude flats Simply Sutter - flat outfit - casual look - pink purse


I hope you all had a great weekend! I leave for Seattle snood I still have to pack! Leave it to me to do it last minute lol.


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