20 Random Facts About Me
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20 Random Facts About Me

Good Morning Friends and Happy Friday! Oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo! Last week my dear friend Kasey tagged me on instagram to share some random facts about me. So I thought it would fun to share these 20 random facts with you today. I shared the first 5 earlier on insta you can check those out HERE.
simply sutter - 20 random facts

6. I cried my way out of a ticket once. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything major
7. I used to get made fun of for my naturally thick curly hair #meangirlssuck
8. Sporty spice was my favorite spice girls
9. To say I have an obsession with cookies would be an understatement! The struggle is real you guys!
10. Swimming is not my strong suit what so ever but I can doggy paddle like a champ
11. My mom is my best friend
12. I’m all about scary movies and crime dramas. I have to beg my hubby to watch scary movies with me most of the time. lol
13. Spanish was my first language. My mom is from Panama so we learned english together.
14. I love to sing in the car. Any kind of music really but when I hear Wham-Wake me up well thats my jam!
15. My dad was in the army so I got to see a lot of the work (Australia, Panama, Michigan, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and More
16. I take forever to read books even though I love them
17. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis
18. I have a degree in Occupational Therapy
19. Id love to say I have a green thumb like a lot of my family but I have to admit I have a brown thumb =(
20. I’m absolutely horrible with directions and would be lost without google maps!

Have a SIMPLY Super Friday!