3 Reasons Why I Love My Peloton
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3 Reasons Why I Love My Peloton

why you need a Peloton bike

3 reasons why I love my peloton

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Hi there! I hope you all had great one! Mine was a bit on the not so good side but today is the start to a new week and I wanted to start it off full speed! I recently got a Peloton bike and since then have gotten lots of you asking for a post on it. Today I’ll be sharing 3 reasons why I love my peloton bike.

Keep Reading About My Peloton

Chris and I have had our Peloton for about a month now and we absolutely love it! I normally go to a spin class once a week in Gilbert and have been hooked ever since my friend invited me to a class! You know how it is you have been thinking about doing something but your always like ehhh I don’t know but then you try it and you are like YESS GIRL! At least that is how I was!

best at home workout with Peloton


Don’t get me wrong I love going to my weekly spin classes in Gilbert but sometimes it’s just a bit of a drive and I don’t feel like making the trek. Having the Peloton at home is super convenient and I can spin any time of the day! I like to schedule live classes that I’m interested in taking but I’ll admit the snooze button got the best of me so I missed them and guess what NO FEES or charges! I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have that same energy I did when I was around other ladies and a kick ass instructor but to be honest it’s all still there just in the comfort of your own home!



There are a ton of different workouts to do when it comes to the Peloton. Options like high impact, low impact, endurance, scenic routes and one of my favorites intervals and arms. Yes the Peloton is more then just cycling it comes with up to 3 pound weights that don’t seem be that mush but trust me when you are spinning and doing those OMG! FEEL THE BURN! You can choose classes that are 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. I’m all about the music so I love picking a class with hip hop or a fun decade theme depending on the day!


The number one question I get is is it expensive and is it worth the money. 100% this is an investment but because of the reasons above I know we would do it all over again. After purchasing the bike they deliver it to your home set it all up along with giving you a run down of everything. Obviously Chris is way taller than me so we each have to make our own adjustment to the bike but it is super easy to do. From the second that it gets delivered to when you clip in the quality is top notch.


There is actually one more reason why I love my Peloton and that is because HELLO CUTE OUTFITS! Cute outfits always make working out way better if you ask me!

At home workout with a spin bike

Peloton Bike

I hope this post helps you decide if the Peloton bike is for you! I know we love it! If you have any other questions feel free to leave them below in the comment section below I’d be happy to answer if I can. Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s post!