3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety
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3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

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Hi Darling Friends! I reached out to you earlier in the week to see if there is anything that you wanted help with. With that being said some of you had brought up dealing with anxiety and I felt like that one resonated with me as well. How can such a small word make us feel so much? This is a question I find myself asking myself quite a bit these days. Have you ever had this heavy weight on your chest in the morning, or been stuck in your mind as you lie awake. I know I have. I by no means am an expert in Anxiety but I wanted to share a few ways that help me deal with it.

Write It Out

I’m a big fan of writing things down on paper so when I’m feeling anixious I like to write it all out. Weather it’s a list of things I need to do and breaking it down in to smaller chunks or writing down how I’m feeling. When I write these things down I also write down things that make me happy and that I’m thankful for.



Being out in nature is one really good way to rid anxiety. I know for me I feel like my work list is never-ending so I like to take a few minutes and be outside. Any sort of outdoor activity is a good idea hiking, biking or driving somewhere for a change of scenery. The puppies and I love to go outside and sunbath. The other day we even sat in the rain! It was a nice soul boost for sure!


Reach For Comfort

Reaching for comfort can be a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s putting on my pajamas and laying down with my favorite blanket. Other times it’s sitting in silence and speaking to God. When I say reach for comfort I really mean it do those things that make you feel comforted family, comfort food, workout, eating frosting from the can ( no judging ). If nothing else works sometimes a good cry session and chocolate can put things in a better spot then they were before.

I would love to know what are some ways you all deal with anxiety? Thank you stopping by and taking the time to read today’s post.