3 Ways To Use A Silk Scarf
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3 Ways To Use A Silk Scarf

3 ways to use a silk scarf
I have gotten a lot of question and lovely comments on my recent post where I wore this silk scarf (find that here) so I thought what better way to show you that all of your feedback really does matter to me by giving you 3 other ways to use a silk scarf ! I did get this scarf/hanker-chief a couple of years back but I made sure to link some options for you below =) Lets get started shall we !

THE NECKERCHIEF: I love this idea of replacing a necklace for a scarf or what I like to call a “neckerchief” but I think it would also look great with long layering necklaces too. 
 Step 1&2 are going to be your starting points for all of these tutorials
1. Fold your square scarf once into a triangle 
2. Take wear your scarf comes to a point and roll it all the way to the top “it does not have to be a perfect”
3. Place around your neck making sure the ends are pointing forward 
4. Make 2 knots “don’t make them too tight” 
3 ways to use a silk scarf
3 ways to use a silk scarf

 FOR THE WRIST: If your like me and almost always wear a watch then your going to love this tutorial it just give your wrist accessories a more of a wow factor! 

1. Steps 1 & 2 are the same Just make sure your watch and or bracelet is on FIRST
2. Now here it gets a bit tricky If you have someone to wrap and tie the scarf around your wrist it will make it easier but if not you can still do it. No Worries !
3. When you scarf is rolled a lying on a flat surface, place your wrist on it “palm up” and using one hand wrap the scarf about 2 times
4. Tie a knot
5. Play with the knot placement I liked the bow at the bottom

3 ways to use a silk scarf
3 ways to use a silk scarf

FOR THE BAG: Face it, you can never have enough purses but sometimes you just need to add something extra to it to really make it stand out. 
1. Same steps 1 & 2 
2. This bag as 2 hoops like most satchel bags. Take one end and go from the back of the hoop and place the end through it, to secure the scarf on one side.
3. Then continuing with a backward motion wrap the scarf around he handle
4. When you get to the other side make sure to secure he other end of the scarf from the back again like in the beginning . 
3 ways to use a silk scarf

This post was a bit different then what I normally do on here I feel like I have been doing a lot of outfit posts. Those are great but I thought I’d mix it up a bit for you ! Did you like this tutorial post ? I’d love to know ! What you liked, didn’t like or would want to see ! Feel free to stop by and email me as well SIMPLY.SUTTER@GMAIL.COM 
Have a great week !