4 Plaid Jackets To Try For Fall
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4 Plaid Jackets To Try For Fall

fall plaid jackets to wear


Plaid is super popular right now and I can’t help but love this print too! When the Nordstrom anniversary sale happened this year I made sure to get myself a plaid jacket. Now a few months later this trend is still going strong! Today I’m sharing with you all 4 types of plaid jackets to try for fall. There is a jacket for everyone so get ready!


plaid jackets


Plaid Jacket To Try

Double Breasted Jacket

Say hello to the oversized blazer! The double plaid blazer is the perfect way to add a laid back look while looking put together.

Plaid Blazer

A blazer is a great way to add an element of polish to your everyday look or workwear.

Plaid Sherpa

Sherpa jackets are everywhere and I was super excited when I saw this plaid version! It’s the best of both worlds! These sherpa jackets go great with lounge wear and denim outfits!

Plaid Duster Coat


This one is my favorite and not just because I have one but because it looks good on all heights. I’m 5ft 2 and thought hmm this might not look right on me but I decided to try it on and well well it looks amazing!


fall plaid jackets


Hopefully you all had a great weekend and you you’re week is off to a great start!