4 Spring Nail Polish Colors
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4 Spring Nail Polish Colors

Simply Sutter - OPI - Sprig Nail polish colors

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I feel like i’m constantly painting my nails to fit my mood. Are you like this? I remember when I was younger I would love to go get my nails done but now I really enjoy doing them myself. I find it very therapeutic! Stick around because I will be sharing with you 4 spring nail polish colors I can’t get enough of. PS they all happen to be OPI but in no way is this post sponsored =) OPI if you see this hit me up!

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When it comes to picking out nail polish I really love gel like bases as they tend to stick better. Color one is the one I currently have on my nails. It’s this pretty shade of peachy coral (Got Myself into a Jam-balaya). I don’t have too many vibrant pinks but this one (running with the in-finite crowd) I just couldn’t pass up. White nails are very popular for spring and summer so I would highly recommend getting one (Suzi Chases Portu-geese). The one I have has a tiny bit of a purple hue. The last one I want to share with you is one that i’ve had for about a year now. Eternally turquoise is the perfect mint color. Gelato is also gorgeous and similar.

Simply Sutter - OPI - Nail Polish - spring beauty

Simply Sutter - OPI - Nail Polish - Spring Nail Polish

Thanks so much for helping decided on today’s blog post. I had fun picking out my favorites and sharing them with you. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!