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As I write you this post,  I am currently sitting in an arm chair squished in between an old sofa that I cant wait to replace when the new ones come in and there are dozens of open boxes and a ton of Random things in random spots. With the large amount of questions I have been getting in about the new home I thought I’d share with you what I have learned with our new build home.

1. Patience: I am not the most patient person that I know for sure. There are a lot of things going on and I had to realize that they were not going to happen over night no matter how much I checked in and asked (yes I was that lady for sure) lol . There is a process to all the madness! I constantly had to tell myself several times its only been a few days and bite my tongue and just wait it out. 
2. Confidence: A lot of people thought that just because Christopher and I were so young that we did not know what we wanted. But I had to say “with my southern grace of course” I’m sorry but I have spent 100+ hours doing my research on pinterest and I know exactly what I want. You are investing in this home and you should have exactly what your heart desires. It’s ok to speak up and be confident in the decisions you are making. Especially if there is an issue that is just not flying with you. 
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3. Communication: This one is a big one! There were quite a few times that I took things out on Chris even though he was not at all to blame. Sorry Babe! To avoid this from happening I decided to write things down. So that I could keep track of when things were scheduled to be done or what needed to be fixed. I also included information that Chris had that I didn’t. I wanted to make sure we both on the same page and there wasn’t any confusion. 
4. Happiness: Everyday there are challenges with life and trying to balance it all but you have to take a second and just be thankful for the little improvements. Don’t forget to enjoy the little moments or even taking the time to create them. Chris and I decided to cook a light dinner the other day and we had a blast. Even though we haven’t had a chance to get things in order we have been making sure to get some fresh air with the boys every night.

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