5 Graphic Tees To Own
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5 Graphic Tees To Own

Simply Sutter - Graphic Tee - Old Navy - casual style

Yep! Monday is here again! Too quickly if  you ask me but who is ready to make the most of it? Do you have a graphic tee that you just love? I have an entire drawer filled with some of my favorites and love wearing them! Today i’m sharing 5 graphic tees to own.

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All of the graphic tee’s that I am linking below are under $20 which is such a good deal! I can never say no to a cute graphic tee. I wear them all the time with jeans or shorts. I also love mixing it up and pairing tees over a flouncy skirt or under a great pair of overalls. I wish that the tee that I’m wearing today was still available but it’s already sold out.

For today’s look I styled this striped graphic with a high waisted pair of jeans and a white backpack. This is probably one of my favorite go to looks. This backpack is currently 10% off and you get a free gift with it. I love how it goes from a backpack to shoulder bag.

Simply Sutter - Old Navy - Backpack - Denim outfit Simply Sutter - Old Navy - Backpack - Denim outfit Simply Sutter - Old Navy - Backpack - Denim outfit

Did you all have a good Easter weekend? Chris and I also shared our 5th wedding anniversary! If you saw my stories then you would have seen what we gifted each other. If you missed it don’t worry I’ll be sharing more!

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