5 Inspirational Books To Read In 2019
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5 Inspirational Books To Read In 2019

lifestyle blogger shares 5 inspirational books to read in 2019 featuring rachel hollis | oprah and more

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Are you a reader? Or maybe an audio book listener? Either way words can have great power! I know i’ve opened up a book and read a few words and thought wow okay ” Girl, you got this let’s make things happen!”. Is there a book you’ve read that made you feel that way? Today i’m sharing 5 inspirational books to read in 2019.

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The first inspirational book is actually one I got last year as a birthday present. It’s from none other then the wisdom queen herself, Oprah. While I would love to say I was this uber book girl and read it in one sitting, I did not. To this day I still open it up The Wisdom of Sundays when I come across it in random moments. No matter what page I open it to though the words just feel right in my soul.

The Hollis Sister Tribe

Have you joined the sister tribe yet? If you love audio books this one is a must listen to for me. Chris and I listened to this one together while on our trip to Tahoe and loved it. Girl, Wash Your Face is brilliant! If I ever had an older sister I’d want her to be it! Her stories not only made me feel like I was right there with her they motivated me. Motivated me to get up and try again, to do what I needed to do and most importantly keep going!




Next up is another great read from Rachel Hollis. I actually got this one sent to me early as it doesn’t come out till March 12 2019. Trust me though it’s that good! You can pre-order it HERE! One of my 2019 goals was too stop apologizing so much. With a title like Girl, stop apologizing it is the perfect fit. I know for me personally I found myself saying sorry for being a go-getter. In this book she speaks about how to stop and how to succeeded with being you.

lifestyle blogger shares 5 inspirational books to read in 2019 featuring rachel hollis | oprah and more

In My Cart

The next book is one that I have heard great things about and have in my cart. The book is one you yourself have probably seen or even read. Becoming by Michelle Obama has had had great reviews as well as being a best book of 2018. I’m sure that since she was the first lady of America she has a ton of helpful knowledge.


Lastly, if you are anything like me and some of your best inspiration comes from organization I’d suggest reading Marie Kondo’s The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I won’t mislead you all this cute little book takes some dedication! Overall the best thing I took from this book was to keep only what sparks joy in you. Now when I go through an organizational mood It’s the first thing that pops in my head. Its even a show now on Netflix. I’m actually going to start watching it tonight.


Let’s Chat : Have you read any of these inspirational books? Do you have any reads or audiobooks recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


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