5 pick me ups while working from home
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5 pick me ups while working from home

There are for sure days were working from home can have it’s perks but then there’s days where i’m in need of some motivation. If you are on the same boat as me then you have come to the right spot, because i’m sharing with you my 5 pick me ups while working from home. These 5 pick me ups are all easy to try within your own home so lets get started!

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The first pick me up is having fresh flowers in my home. There is something about walking by a soft colored and scented bouquet that always brings a smile to my face. While I would love to have fresh flowers in my home at all times faux flowers also fill spots in my house as well. These days finding faux flowers that look like real flowers is just as simple. A few of my favorites blooms to purchase are hydrangeas, carnations and peonies when they are in season.

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Happy Places & Love

Weather it’s a cozy chair tucked in the corner or a quite porch to watch the sunrise we all have a happy place. For me my favorite spot in the house is the guest suite. It has the prettiest light all day giving it a very airy feeling. I love to go in there a few times a day and just spend a few minutes without technology and cuddle with the puppies.

My boys are everything to me. When I’m having a rotten day they make it all better as long as belly rubs are given lol. This picture pretty much sums it up. Riley is always so serious but a complete soft and the one that lets me cuddle with him. Bo Bear looks at me like this all the time right before he attacks my face with kisses! Basically putting happy places and love together is the best pick me up ever!

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Pick me up number three is one that can be used in so many ways! My Amazon dot tells me more then just tell me the weather and helps me call people. My top skills that I ask Alexa are:

Jokes – Sometimes the jokes are bit corny but still they make me chuckle

Inspire – If you ask to be inspired she will tell you famous quotes from lots of famous speakers

Devotional – Christ is a huge part of my life so the first thing I do I reflect on these while drinking my morning coffee.

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When it comes to perfumes I have scents that bring me a happy memory or feeling. In the morning when I’m getting ready I always enjoy picking the scent of the day. Right now its something delicate with hints of fresh linens or sweet roses. If I feel like I need a pick me up I wear something a bit more vibrant I spritz on something with citrus. I really want to find a perfume with a hint of mint or eucalyptus. If you all know of one let me know.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any other suggestions i’d love to hear them as well!

Have SIMPLY lovely weekend

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