5 ways to have a productive start to your week + Pajama style
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5 ways to have a productive start to your week + Pajama style

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As a blogger working from is inevitable. Lots of people think working from home would be so much easier and while I would love to say that personally for me it took some getting use to. I would always have the best intentions when I first woke up but would always get so side tracked! So here are a few things that I make sure to do, to have the most productive week possible plus where to get the coziest pajamas. 
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1. No Phone: When I wake up in the morning I make it a point to NOT use my phone for the first hour. I take a quick look at my phone to see if there are any urgent text messages but that is it. 
2. Indulge: Having something to look forward to in the morning really helps me actually get out of bed. For me it’s coffee/espresso. Chris and I got this one for Christmas and absolutely love it. 
3. Me time: I use to jump right on my computer and a few times during the week I do if I know I have something that is of priority. Other times I either watch a quick show or read magazines. 
This one and this one are my faves. 
4. Setting a time schedule: A time schedule is where I jot down a certain amount of time for tasks. i.e emails 1 hour, social media 30 min etc. I really like this because I can really focus on those tasks completely without getting lost. I use this planner to write down these daily tasks.
5. Fresh air: This one is my fave! If I have any type of meeting scheduled for the day I love to take them outside. Either at a coffee shop or even my backyard. If I am meeting with friends or other bloggers to collaborate, a patio or some other change of scenery is always a great idea. A time to actually go out and do something is also anther way that makes getting out of those cozy pajamas a bit easier as well. These ones are my new faves. (wearing xs)
What do you all do to have a productive week? I’d love to hear all about it!
Happy Monday!