6 Important Places In Your Home To Start Organizing
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6 Important Places In Your Home To Start Organizing

6 important places in your home to start organizing

Yikes! I’m opening up drawers and cabinets and my goodness it’s as if I’ve intentionally just thrown my life in it. Maybe if I were a sleep walker I could blame it on something I do while I sleep. Like thinking I was playing basketball and in reality I was just putting random items in places. Nope, not true though and since I like to be honest the truth is I have no idea how these spaces in my home got a bit discombobulated! By the way thank you spellcheck! because I did not spell that long word up there correctly.

If you are like me, you love organization! Opening a fresh organized drawer is better than hot Cheetos and cream cheese. It’s the where to start place that can seem like a giant task in itself. Therefor today I’m going to tell you 6 important places in your home to start organizing and then you can see if that sounds like a good place to start.

What To Expect When Your … Organizing

Take in mind that today’s post is to get a feel for spaces in your home that you would feel better about if they were organized. I the next following weeks i’ll be diving into a new place to start organizing. In theses posts I will have tips and trick and things that I do when it comes to tackling these places.

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When it comes to figuring out what places you would like to start organizing I like to suggest standing in the middle of your house. Yes, stand in the middle of your home and say out loud the areas that come to mind. What are the places In your home that are going to make you feel more sane. Have you ever walked into a a cute boutique and everything was in it’s perfect space and you can actually see all the items visibly? Yes, my inner organizing diva is scream YASSSS!  That’s what we’re going for here!

Mine are : Closet, Bedside Drawer, Medicine Cabinet, Pantry, Refrigerator, Office Drawers

Now that you have called out the places you wold like to organize. Let’s prioritize them from the easiest to place to organzine to the  hardest.

Mine: Bedside Drawer, Medicine Cabinet, Office Drawers, Refrigerator, Closet, Pantry

6 places in your home to organize

6 important places in your home to start organizing

How To Prep For Optimal Organization

Alright, so you have your list of places to start organizing form easy to hard. Now you run around house like a mad woman throwing and everything that comes into your path! Nope! First we need to prep and make sure that we have the items that are going to help us get rid of the clutter. Items such as:

  • Comfy Clothes (always a must)
  • A great playlist or podcast
  • Timer
  • Trash bags
  • Marker
  • Sticky label tags
  • Various sizes of bins for drawers and such


I really didn’t want to overwhelm anyone so hopefully you took away some helpful tips in todays post. Next week we will tap into our first post where we will be tackling the bedside drawer. Can’t wait to see what you all are wanting to organize in your homes! Make sure you share below!

PS you can see how I organized my makeup vanity here