8 Phone Apps To Simplify Your Life
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8 Phone Apps To Simplify Your Life

Apps to simplify life



Hello and Happy New Year! This is my first post of the new year and I could not be more hyped! “is hyped still a thing?” Anyways today I wanted to chat with you about simplifying your life specifically with apps that help you do so. I’m giving you a look at a few that Chris and I use daily. I want to open this up to any others who might have some other apps that they use as well! Please feel free to share them below in the comments section.


8 phone apps


Wunderlist (FREE) – The Wunderlist app lets you make lists for anything and everything. Not only does it do that but it also lets you share them with people. Chris and I share lists like restaurants we want to try, shows, groceries etc. Checking things off never was easier!

WIZ (FREE) – Lately we have really been about saving energy in our home and one we like doing that is with the lights in our home! We use a lot of LED lights in house but recently we got a few wifi LED lights that can be controlled by phone and voice. The Wiz app lets you set a timer for when you want your lights to go on and off. As well adjusting the brightness and temp of them! It really comes in handy when we aren’t going to be home in time to turn the lights on for our dogs in the evening.

Ring (FREE) – As an influencer one thing I get a lot of is mail, specifically packages! Safety is a big thing and with the Ring door bell and app we can see who is delivering packages and if there is anything suspicious going on outside our home!

Furbo (FREE) – If you are a pet owner I can’t rave enough about this one! Once you purchase the Furbo device the app will allow you to not only view and talk to your pets but also give them treats which you place into the easy to use device.

Next Door (FREE) – We recently found a dog in our gated neighborhood and had no idea who it belonged to. I had heard for one of neighbors that Next Door was great for sharing lost and found. Even though we found the owner without the app we still found it helpful and easy to use.

Google Home (FREE) – In our home we have a Google home mini! Do you remember this fun cookie post I did on how I used this device! The app is cool but the device is I’ll just say amazing! I guess this one is more of a device rather than an app but still a must for simplifying your life.

iRobot (FREE) – The iRobot app is perfect for setting timers for when we want the vacuum to start. There is nothing quite better than coming home from a long day to see that the house has already been vacuumed.

Thumbtack (FREE) – If you have ever had a home project you weren’t a 100% sure you could do it this is the app for you. We use this for a lot! We have had a pro come out and instal our hanging porch swing, paint walls, install lighting and mount our new television. They make it so easy to find someone who can help and negotiate prices.


best apps to simply your life


Now that you know about some pretty cool apps for your phone who is ready to simplify their life with them?! If there are any other apps you find useful please share them below!

Happy Friday and I’ll see you back here on Monday!