9 Wrap Dresses + My Favorite Style Tip
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9 Wrap Dresses + My Favorite Style Tip

casual pink leopard wrap dress outfit with denim jacket


Wrap dresses are slowly but surely starting to creep into my wardrobe again but with all good reason though! Since I love them so much I’m sharing 9 wrap dresses including this one I think you are going to love! Plus see my favorite style tip forĀ making wrap dresses more casual.

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I went in looking for a jeans but came out with this pink leopard wrap dress ($50). I’m sure that has happened to you one or more times you can remember. I’ve seen a lot of white and brown leopard items but when I saw this wrap dress in pink and leopard I knew I could not pass it up! It also comes in a few other prints as well. While the wrap accentuates your natural waist line giving a more va va voom vibe if you will it can still be worn in a casual way during the day as well!

Wrap Dress Style Tip

Here is my favorite style tip for when it comes to making wrap dresses and lots of other more casual. Denim jackets are a simple way to not only add an extra layer when needed but it also instantly makes dresses look more casual. So next time you decide to wear you favorite wrap dress that you already have or maybe purchased hereĀ try adding a denim jacket! This casual wrap dress outfit is perfect for brunch, family gathering and more.


casual pink leopard wrap dress outfit with denim jacket

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When it comes to wrap dresses there are lots of different prints, materials and lengths to get them in. For me personally I like them to hit above my knee or right at the shin. I’m 5ft 2 so these two lengths work well with my height. Scroll down to see some of the pretty wrap dresses I found! Seriously thought there are some really cute options for tall and petite women!

casual pink leopard wrap dress outfit with denim jacket

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See something you like from above? I would love to know which one is your favorite!


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