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When Chris and I were first looking for a home I just remember saying” I’ll know when it’s our home” and he would say how will you know?, I then replied with ” it’s a feeling”. To me a home is not a place it’s a feeling. Now that we are SLOWLY tackling each room of house I have to say that the moment we added in a rug it instantly felt more like home. I am obsessed with our wood tile that fills our entire open layout home but there was just something about adding in that perfectly picked rug that just ties it all in. 
Picking out a rug for our home could not have been any easier with Rugs USA. I know, I know Rugs USA is an online store and you are probably thinking how can you pick without physically see it or touch it. The prints, style and descriptions were incredibly accurate. Of course you have to keep in mind that when it comes to color, they might vary a bit once you actually place it in your home. Rugs USA for sure gets a “A” in my book. They are so good we picked out a runner for the front door area along with a rug for our master bedroom ( keep your eyes open for that fun reveal ). Not to mention I have a few other rugs in my shopping cart that are going to look perfect in the other rooms
The rug we chose for our living room is this the “Bosphorus Moroccan Trellis BD16 Rug” & the runner is the ” Tuscan VS169 Double Carved Trellis Rug”. I already had a vision of how I wanted the living room to look *remember this inspo collage?* so this one really checked all of the boxes. While we have a pretty good start on the living room there are still some things that we need like a coffee table, wall art, side tables and lighting.
Have you tried Rugs USA out yet? If you haven’t yet what are you waiting for! 
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Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you loved today’s home post. I have been getting really excited to share more lifestyle posts with you since it’s one of my loves. 
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