New Year Hubbub
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New Year Hubbub

As the new year has finally arrived . The question on everyone’s mind is what is your New Years resolution ? Yikes ! Usually I totally freak out I get super stressed with thinking what mine should and shouldn’t be . This year I’ve made it simple to just “be happy” I don’t have any idea exactly what it all entitles to all I know is that whatever the day brings I’ll just be happy . Sometimes I forget that the most important person is me and that it’s not what other people are doing or what I have or don’t have. With technology going BANANAS these days it’s hard to realize that at times it seems everyone is competing with one another. To me that’s just not okay. In the end we should all be happy for each other

and be there to help when needed. The hubbub of having a New Years resolution is rediculous if you want to have one have one for you and no one else 🙂 if not that is perfectly fine as well 🙂


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  1. I don't have NY resolutions. I try to be and live better than the year before but it rarely is put on a list aka resolution list. Plus, yes, it's always about us…never about someone else. 🙂

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