My Favorite Amazon Spring Basics
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My Favorite Amazon Spring Basics

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 What a weekend! Our weekend was filled with celebration, good food, a few thirst quenching drinks and of course spending time out in the backyard. I finally got to plant these cute little vinca plants and wear a few new pieces I got from Amazon. It feels like I haven’t really order too many things lately but I wanted to share with you all a couple of spring basics just incase you need any!

Amazon Spring Basics

 These lightweight joggers I’m wearing here are the perfect piece if your looking to transition out of the thicker sweat pant joggers for the warmer months. Tee Dresses are great for a laid back but pulled together look. You could mix and match a lot of these basics with each other. A few accessories to get are comfy flips flops, even if just for the house. A pair of cute Celine dupe sunglasses, and a distressed baseball cap.

Amazon Basics

spring amazon clothing

The spring Amazon basics I’ve recommended above come in various colors and sizes! For today’s post I just shared a neutral palette. I hope you all found some new spring pieces to add to your wardrobe.

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