And were back…!
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And were back…!

So lets rewind a little..engaged?married? MARRIED!March 30th 2013 The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale,AZ

Now the process of planning was insane some days. No matter how much you try to organize or plan ahead things happen. So I tried really hard to just be open minded to keep my sanity and enjoy the motions.

When you have an amazing fiance’, family and friends it makes life and all its twists and turns so much easier.
They were wonderful to listen to my ideas, to look at my rediculous feed on pinterest and to provide me with many glasses of wine. 
Day of
I feel like single words might sum the way our big day went for me

Now What
Well that will have to be another post..Till then enjoy a few of our wedding day pics
 Dancing Our Way In As Husband and Wife
 My Brother Put Together a Sweet Video of Chris and I
 I loved all the flowers it was beautiful
 Chris’s Dad made us adorable corn holes for our wedding everyone had a blast with them
 My brother and I

Thank You Lindenleaf For Capturing the day