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At The Moment

I’d love to start doing these random “at the moment” posts at least once a week . The title says it all I think.
At the current moment it’s 12:25 AM my husband is snoring extremely loud, the dogs have taken up the entire bed and have so graciously left me with one tiny little corner. I was watching my OH SO FAVORITE HARRY POTTER but the timer has finally gone off . I am bit sad at the moment my best friend is going back to North Carolina again it’s the worst when she leaves I get super sad and it usually takes me a couple days to feel back to normal. There is a pain in my left heel that feels like a tiny person is inside it pricking it with a needle. At the moment I wish there was such a thing as world peace and that I really should not have had all those gummy bears in my froyo earlier today.

Before I go one last thought in my head why can’t nonstop obsessing over wanting a Abyssinian guinea pig 

I hoped you enjoyed my first at the moment wherever you are in the world

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