Must Have Baby Beach Items
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Must Have Baby Beach Items


We are back from our first vacation with the twins and the most memorable moments were when we went to the zoo and the beach!! I was so excited that the place we stayed at the beach was a quick walk too and that we could have the babies experience the water and sand!! With that being said OMG there are lots of things to bring when it comes to getting the babies beach ready! Today’s lost umm rounding up the essentials that I hope you will find helpful.




Baby Beach Essentials



1. Baby Beach Dome – We used these baby beach domes for the beach and for their sleep cribs backs at the rental. These beach domes fold down and have a handle for carrying. The babies loved being bundled up in there with the dome all the way closed while they listed to the waves of the ocean.


2. Rash Guards – When it comes to rash guards I really liked these two brands (GILRS) (BOYS). They were cute and affordable for both Ella and Leo.


3. Towels – We brought a 1 towel for them each and one extra one just in case. These are soft and have a hood which we used to block wind and to keep their ears protected.


4. Sunscreen – We kept the babies in the shade a majority of the time but did put on baby sunscreen on them when in the sun. We like Baby organics sunscreen we had the lotion but would have preferred the spray one ( linked here ).


5. Bucket Hats – I feel like the babies eyes are still sensitive to the light especially the sun so we had them wearing bucket hats. Leo has this cute one that is reversible and has the neck strap.


6. Pacifier Clip – Ella is the only one who really uses her binky or as we call it “chupy”. She has a tendency to launch it out of her mouth sometimes and it lands on the ground so having a lightweight clip helped not have it land in the sand or ground.


7. Disposable bags – For wet clothes and dirty diapers it’s good to have a disposable baggies to put those in. This is the one we used but you could even use the doggy ones too if you have those on hand already.


8. Portable fans – We actually didn’t get to use these when we went since it wasn’t as hot but I kept them because of hecka hot here in AZ!! So I know these will come in handy.



That is everything that really came in handy for our trip to the beach with the babies. They were only 4 months old so they didn’t need sand toys, water safety items or anything like that.





How did you feed the babies?

Great question!! We brought formula with us in a container and a few water bottles then made bottles if we needed them.


How was the stroller in the sand?

Lol! First I love our stroller but its not the greatest in the sand so my dad and Chris carried it to where we were setup on the beach.


Any ideas on what to take for them to sit in so i don’t have to hold them the entire time?

If your kids are older I’ve heard great things about this covered chair and this covered pop up tent.