Bath & Body Works Haul Review
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Bath & Body Works Haul Review

Over the weekend the hubs and I stopped to restock our candles 
If you remember I was raving about the pumpkin pecan waffle candle I purchased
when it was gone I admit I was a bit sad 
This time around we purchased theses lovelies 
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin- Its not as pumpkiny as the waffle one its more on the cinnamon side but it smells very nice I give it a 2 thumbs up out of 3 
Blackberry Spice – The smell of this one reminds me of when you spread a nice jam on warm toast or like a warm pie fresh out the oven its not too over powering . sometimes you get those candles that just make you hungry when you light them lol this one is just right 
Cashmere Glow Lotion- This goodie I got for free ! how you ask well I will tell you ! If you go on your face book and like Bath and Body Works at times they will put on there page an offer for one of their free products ! you can just show them the screen shot and your good there maybe there may be offer where it sends it to your email you can show them that as well 
They only last for a few days but hey no purchase is neccessary 
last time I recieved a free amber blush travel body spray its great to have in your purse so is the lotion perfect size and smells great and makes my hands feel super soft ! 
I would reccomend signing up at their website as well Bath & Body Works you get some awesome offers online and in store 
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