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Before & After Hair

Getting your hair done is always so refreshing don’t you think !?! I have been every color I swear but blonde is something I go back to! I was lucky enough to meet Danielle from The Mint Salon here in Mesa, AZ. I Will link all of her contact info for you below ! When I saw Danielle’s gorgeous work on Instagram I knew we just had to connect! I told her I wanted a fresher look I wanted more of framed highlights, base color and already blonde touch up and did she deliver ! I am obsessed with it ! now all I need is like 5-6 more inches of hair lol ! 
Danielle has been a hairstylist since 2003 
Typically works Tuesdays & Fridays
& is also does lots of other amazing things like hairstyles and natural beaded rows. 
Location:1823 S Greenfield Rd Suite 102, Mesa, Arizona
Make Sure You Take a Look at her Instagram
I would really love to do a some hair tutorial 
What do you guys want to see ?! I’m all ears ! Braids, Updos ?
Thank You again to the lovely Danielle For An Amazing Transformation !