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#Stolen Bible Study

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Hi friends! Are you excited as much as I am that it is Friday!? Today’s post is all about a bible study that I have been doing for a couple of weeks now. I shared with you all that I saw this on a site and that I felt like it called to me so here we are. If you have ever felt like social media has made you question who you are this might be the bible study for you.

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I have been diving into this #Stolen book for the past 2 weeks and cant get enough of it. For me I like taking time in the morning and reading a chapter a day. In the morning I make my coffee and sit at the nook or formal dining room making sure I don’t have my phone on me. Doing this really allows me to focus what i’m reading. At first I was having major FOMO but now it’s something I look forward to.

About The Book

This book talks about how social media can effect us and make us feel all things like unfulfillment or just down right horrible about yourself. I love how the author tackles these issues and shares how God is the only one that matters and he loves us for us, Mess and ALL. There are facts, verses and a few questions to think about at the end of each chapter. It’s also great for conversations as a group as well.

If there is a verse in the chapter I have read I then open up my prayer journal book and fill that out. It is a really simple and easy journal to jot down in. I’ve linked for you all above. Sometimes we read things and not fully grasp what we just read. I know i’m guilty of that but this journal opens up the floor to more thought.

I wanted to wait till I was a few chapters in before I gave you my review on what I thought of it. So far I’m loving it! Reading her words make you feel like you’re chatting with your friend about what’s going on. At first when I read the reviews I was like this might just be for teens but oh no! It is for anyone! It’s a great read and i’m finding my identity in this social media world.

simply sutter - #stolen - bible study - social media struggle

I know that in my case it’s a bit different since it’s my job and numbers mean a lot. At the end of the day I just have to do what I can put it out there in the universe and let God do his work. Social media does have it’s benefits of course! Talking to new people, spreading encouragement, sharing things with you all that connects us all!

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I’ll update you all more as I go but I would recommend it for sure. If you have any other recommendations for bible studies i’d love to hear them! Thank you all for reading today and remember you are amazing and He loves us for who we are!


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