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Hello fellow bloggers! In today’s post I wanted to share a few things I do as a blogger for organization. I find that these few things are a must especially when starting the new year as they really help me stay organized throughout the entire year. Plus I’m giving you a free download of my spreadsheet to use! Totally not fancy but will do the trick! 


Daily Calendar 

  • Everyday Tasks – Write down your list of things you need to do for the day. My list will include a specific email list, topics for IG stories, edits as well as blog post drafts.
  • Monthly Tasks – I like to use colored tabs and mark down collaborations, when drafts are due and making sure to write down big things that need to be done monthly like payments and updating my spreadsheets. (More info on spread sheets below)

Excel Spread Sheets 

  • Services – You should have a spreadsheet of some sort that lets you keep track of ALL of your collaborations. I have mine setup as Company Name, Date Content Posted, Service Preformed, Payment Type, Amount, Payment Received. Unpaid are marked in red and black when paid.
  • Expenses – Keep a sheet that tracks everything you spend for your business i.e courses, Ads, giveaways etc.
  • Contacts – This one is a big one! KEEP A CONTACTS LIST!! Having this for reference makes sending emails way easier!

Receipt Folder

  • Physical Folder – When you buy something for your business and there is a receipt for it get in the habit of putting it in the receipts folder.




Plan Content

  • Content – Planning your content for the month really works wonders. Especially if you have ever sat in front of your computer and thought hmm I have no ideas on what to write about. There are a TON of different ways you can plan content but for me personally I like to write it out on a white board. I spend about a solid hour or so writing down ideas that I want to post about that month. Then from there I write them all on a specific colored tab and place them in my calendar. That way I look at my calendar and can just start writing away or doing what I need to for that post.

Time Cube

  • By now you have heard me talk about the time cube on my stories and how much its helped me and others. The time cube allows me to spend a certain amount of time I take to complete tasks. GET YOURS HERE!

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organization for bloggers



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