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Hello  and  Happy Monday !!
I recently downloaded the overdrive app for my phone and it is a great way to read or listen to your books on the go 
Don’t get me wrong I have a library card and everything but I would just spend the entire day there 
So this time around I opted for an audio book but I find that I am indiffernt about it. I love the fact that I can multitask and that I can find all the books available at my library just by using my library card number,  but with that being said I find myself not paying attention. Really the only time I will actually pay attention is when I am doing my makeup or simply doing nothing 
Anyone else lke this ???
I opted for getting The Night Circus by: Erin Morgenstern 
Background :
A circus mysteriously arrives and is only open during the night. The main magicians in the story Ceilia and Marco will have to compete against one another at some point, but first they fall in love with eachother. Everything changes when the two fall in love. 
So far so good I really enjoy the book the readers voice really brings the book to life.
If you want more info on the app that I have downloaded (for free I must add) here is the link over drive
Do You Have Any Book Reccomendations ? Let Me Know 
Luvz M