Built In Shelves Look For Less and How To Style
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Built In Shelves Look For Less and How To Style

Simply Sutter - Hayneedle - Home Decor - built in shelves - shelf decor

Good Morning Darling Friends! Happy Friday! If you are like me then while you are on Pinterest you oh and ah at all the pretty built in’s and how they decorate them. Today i’m sharing how you can recreate the built in shelf look for less and sharing how to style them today with the help of hayneedle!

Keep Reading To Create Built In Shelf Look

Our living room is one the spaces in our home that Chris and I love. It has so much light and this amazing fireplace that is surrounded by stone but it still wasn’t quite complete. We knew we wanted to go with a built in feel so here’s what we did to create this space.

We started with these two TV stands as the base and main pieces of furniture. These are great to place your tv on but they also work to store items like cozy blankets, games, movies and more. If white isn’t your color they also come in grey. I would suggest going with the same color that your shelfs would be so that it looks cohesive.

Next you want to get large enough floating shelves. You can get as many as you want depending on your area. After you have placed then where you want them on your wall comes the fun part! Styling them!

How To Decorate shelves

Everyone has their own way of styling shelves but for me I like to buy items that range from different heights and size. I do like to also stick with a color scheme. In this case I added in metals like silver and a dash of gold with these circular sculptures, sage brook decor and the cutest elephant. For earthy tones I used wooden carved boxes and cement vases through out the shelves. When it came to placement of the items it took me a bit to feel like YES this looks fabulous! That is completely okay! Play around with the items till it’s to your liking.

Tips on Styling Built In Shelves

Just incase you need more tips on styling your built in shelves you can try what I did. Make sure you have divide all of your colors and metals between the two. Then add in taller and shorter items next to each other to create depth. Bunch it’s in 3’s and 2’s even single items for a statement piece.

Simply Sutter - Hayneedle - Built In Shelves - shelf decor - living roomSimply Sutter - Hayneedle - living room decorSimply Sutter - Hayneedle - Floating Shelf - Built Ins - Living room shelves

Simply Sutter - Hayneedle - Home Decor - Shelf Decor

Simply Sutter - Hayneedle - Floating Shelf - Built Ins - Living room shelves

Simply Sutter - Hayneedle - Floating Shelf - Built Ins - Living room shelves


I am so happy with how this space turned out! It really makes this wall feel more grand and put together. Isn’t crazy what a few item’s can do? Speaking of items make sure you check out hayneedle’s The Find page where they feature new ones to freshen up your space.



2 responses to “Built In Shelves Look For Less and How To Style”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I love how you’ve styled this room! It’s gorgeous. Forgive me if this post is old, but can you share where you found your tv stands? The link says the page cannot be found. If they are no longer available, I’d love to know the company/website. Thank you!

    • Monic says:

      Hi Stephanie it might say that if the product isn’t available anymore on that site but if you follow me on the free LIKEtoKNOW.it app I have added a few similar ones on there https://ltk.app.link/vmJBmbney6

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