My Top Cleaning Products + Cleaning Schedule
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My Top Cleaning Products + Cleaning Schedule

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It’s Friday and for me that means it’s laundry day! While I really don’t mind laundry days on Fridays because that means I get to catch up on my shows while I fold and put away laundry Chris and do have a cleaning service that comes to our our house. They normally come to our home 1 every 2 weeks but with everything going with COVID-19 I decided that I felt more comfortable with not having that service anymore. Today I wanted to share with you all my cleaning schedule plus a few products outside of Clorox wipes that I like to use in our home.

When it comes to cleaning our home I’ve really tried to keep things as green as possible. Again though with everything going on I’m just trying to keep everything clean.


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Cleaning Products I Use


Countertops and surfaces : For my countertops and surfaces I like to use green friendly cleaning products like Rebel Green All Purpose Cleaner and Thieves spray solution (a mixture of 1 drop of thieves essential oil for each ounce of water)

Laundry : I’m sensitive to a lot of detergents so I like to use Rebel Green organic detergent. It also smells amazing!

Hands : Chris really love the smell of Mrs Meyers so we use the honeysuckle scent hand soap.

Dishes : Again all about Mrs. Meyers.

Windows  : Homemade solution (2 cups of filtered water 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 10 drops of lemon essential oils)

Toilets : Seventh Generation



My Cleaning Schedule


my cleaning schedule


As far as my cleaning schedule goes now I’m all about keeping it simple but also making sure I cover all the major areas. I’ve also added in cleaning tech daily to our list because those carry a lot of germs too!


I hope you all found today’s post helpful! It really helps me remember and if I’m being honest if it’s on a list I tackle daily tasks easier. =)


Stay Safe