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Connect Not Compare

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By the title of today’s post you are either going through this yourself or it’s something you have always wondered about. I always like to be honest with you so for me personally I’m going through it. If you remember this previous post I did I gave some tips on how to not let comparison happen but like somethings its easier said then done. Which leads me today’s post connect not compare.

High school was not the easiest for me. I never had a large group of friends or good friends in fact and was constantly “trying” to be cool to fit in. On top of all that came COMPARISON. As I got older I realized I didn’t need the things that I thought I did and was ready to make some changes. I wanted connection I wanted to have people who lifted me up and had the same faith as me. I needed a space to find and do just this.

Here is where I started what is now SimplySutter.Com. It was my space that I started writing about anything and everything because I love to write. Even if half the time it doesn’t make sense and I have a ton of typos. I just wrote and shared life and got to know so many people. Then as things started evolving on the internet and social media came in to play that comparison bus hit me hard! I constantly felt like I needed to keep up with what was new, trending and even change myself. Talk about EXHAUSTING!

To this day comparison is something that I still struggle with. I’m choosing to tackle this head on because it’s the worst feeling in the world! Most importantly I would never want to be the one who looks at what I create and feel that way! Being and influencer is my job and with that comes a lot of personal and outside judgement. Did you know I work 7 days a week and more then 12 hours a day? I love what I do so I put in the work. Sadly, none of that that matters though when people judge you based on how old you look, or how tall or thin or even if you have children or not. I completely get everyone is not into fashion, puppies or home decor. As I’m not someone who likes going the gym 5 day a week, meal preps or has a knack for diy projects. We are all different. Different is GOOD!


Comparison has this way of making us feel icky but it’s easy to do. We are quick to judge and put ourselves down. Instead we should all know that God has made us all different and we all matter. I know that a lot of the time I compare myself to a number one because it’s my job but I am more then a number! I strive to inspire others, be the friend they need and share things that make me feel happy.

When you first meet me you would probably say that i’m a bit shy, until I warm up to you. Then i’m sharing way too many t.m.i ‘s and you’ll see that I talk about my dogs a lot and that I have a potty mouth when I play video games. I choose to share my life with you and sometimes it’s not as glamours as the picture may seem. What I write and share is more then the picture. That’s why in the caption or blog post I take the time to really CONNECT with you. I love hearing what you think, telling you guys a bit of behind the scenes and sharing God’s word.

I’m going to continue to do this i’m just going to AMPLIFY it. Connecting with each other is what matters and if you see something that you ever wonder where I got it or want to buy it you can do that as well. I’m thankful for you all and supporting me so I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. Lets make each other feel TALL not small and remember the importance of gratitude! There is enough envy and hate in the world so let’s be sisters and know that we are enough!