How I Curl My Hair Tutorial
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How I Curl My Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday! I’m really excited about today’s post! I get a lot of questions on how I curl my hair and while I’ve been doing it the same for years I figured it was time to share. I hope you enjoy.

Hair Tutorial - hair - curls

I feel like when it comes to doing tutorials they can be a big lengthy so ill try to keep this a brief as possible. You can always ask me questions though!

Heat protector - Heat spray - how to curl hair

Bumble hairspray - Brocato - heat spray

Protect Hair

I always make sure to use heat protectant spray in my hair before using hot tools. This one is a great one but I also use this $6 one to  switch it up.

hair - how to curl hair

Separate Hair

Separate your hair in to 4 parts. I have a lot of  layers in my hair so I start with separating at the bottom of my ears, middle of my ear, at the temples then at the sides of my forehead * shortest part of my hair *

T3 curling wand - clip barrel - curling style

How To Curl Hair

 With my 1 inch clip barrel from T3 I take random widths of hair and make sure to curl my hair back using the clip on the barrel. I know a lot of girls wrap their hair around the wand but I like using the clips to give it a dash more of volume. I also do have wavy, medium thick hair so volume is a bit easier for me to acheive.

I start at the root hold for a second there, unclamp move the barrel down, then roll back up hold for 3 seconds ** This step is IMPORTANT** roll the barrel back in a LOOP MOTION and pull down, back and pull down.


The Ends:  Pull them straight down or quickly roll them back as well  ( I do them both ways )

Repeat With All Sections

tease hair hairspray curls - hair curling

Hold The Curl

With a teasing comb start at the ends/middle and gently comb up all around

* I’m all about the JZEUSH *

Spray LIGHTLY all over using your favorite spray I use this one

Run fingers through hair

how I curl my hair - curly hair - hairstyleThere you have it my friends that is how I curl my hair. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! You can always email me or direct message me as well. Below you will find my outfit/product details and a short video showing you a bit more on how I create the curls. It’s a bit difficult to explain so I’m hoping the video will make it easier.

Happy Friday Friends! I’m looking forward to relaxing and cooking up something fun for the blog next week! Oh and don’t forget I’ll be doing a dressing room try on later this evening on Instagram.