Dark Hair Dry Shampoo : DIY
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Dark Hair Dry Shampoo : DIY

Dry shampoo
I ♥ Dry shampoo 
I really do ! I am not one of those girls that 
washes her hair everyday. 
Instead of buy a new dry shampoo I thought I would try out 
making my own. Since this one contains cocoa its great for darker hair.
If you try this out let me know what you think of it 
I liked it ♥♥

dry shampoo recipe
2 tbs of cornstarch 
2 tbs of cocoa powder
A dash or 2 of cinnamon
Mix all ingredients together 
place in an empty seasoning container or a nifty sifter like this sprinkle on roots and 
Easy Right ?! 
It is super windy today in AZ the pups are super excited to go to the park today !