How To Decorate With Scents Using Aera
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How To Decorate With Scents Using Aera

This post is sponsored by Aera. All thoughts are 100% my own.

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Well hello first day of spring! For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a way with scents and interior decorating. Certain scents make me feel a certain way as well as help me create a specific type of mood. Today I’m partnering up with Aera to bring the two things I love together and share with you how you can decorate with scents.


All About Aera

Chances are you have probably seen my Instagram feed and stories where I rave about Aera! Incase you missed it here is a bit of helpful info. Aera uses 100% sustainable essentials oils plus safe synthetics meaning it’s safe for you and your pets. Their wide arrangement of fragrance capsules last on average of 800 hours!  There are also two different types of Aera diffusers touch and smart. I personally own the smart diffuser and love it! The smart diffuser allows you to set schedules, app settings and it even works with Alexa!


How To Decorate With Scents

When it comes to styling my home with scents I like to pull in ones that remind me of the a specific season. Right now in this spring season I’m loving lavender, and white tea. Let’s start with with how I decorated with white tea. Since white tea has notes of white tea, jasmine, citrus and thyme I felt that my nightstand was the perfect space to have this scent going. Whether I’m slowly waking up or winding down the white tea fragrance capsule is exactly what I need.

Lavender is a calming scent that I love to have through out our home. I love walking out into the kitchen and seeing a lavender filled vase to go with that calming and meditative lavender scent. Both the lavender arrangement and scent are welcoming when visitors stop by and are sure to get a few questions as to where that lovely smell is coming from. This tray that I created can go in various spaces in our home but I tend to have it either in our kitchen or living room.



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how to decorate with fragrances

how to decorate with lavender

white tea


You can get your Aera diffuser and fragrance capsules HERE. Plus, Aera is offering 20% off diffusers through 4/15 to all my readers – just use code MONIC20 at checkout! If you are looking for or more spring time scents make sure to also check out Curiosity and Cherry Blossom. When I do my morning workouts and yoga I like to add in Curiosity for notes of citrus and pear. Thank you again for stopping by and checking out today post!