Dinner for One
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Dinner for One

Hello Bloggers Its Thursday Night
Can You Believe It?!
“Insert Happy Face”
This blog is inspired by the lovely Audrey Hepburn 
Last night as I lay in my jammies watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s I Decided that while even though it’s wonderful to get all dressed up to go on fun dates it should be just  as fun to get all dressed up for myself 
Because.. Why Not
And If I Have Learned Anything From Her It’s That
“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest”
Here are the steps I took for a perfect evening but do what makes you happy =) 
Step 1: Glam up (I put on eyeline, my favorite lip gloss and spritzed on the good stuff “Mark Jacobs, Daisy”)
Step 2: Outfit (jeans, lacey tank michael kors watch and my love bracelet from dillards)
Step 3: Jams (because cooking is better with good tunes)
Step 4: Wine ( I went with Frontera Moscato) YUMM!
Step 5: Dinner ( Mac and Cheese Can’t Go Wrong With It)

The Most Important Step : A toast to “YOU” beacuse your worth getting all dressed up for 
and most importantly your awsome and deserve it  
I Hope You All Have a Fabulous Night 
Blogg Ya  Soon