Discovering The Inspiration Within
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Discovering The Inspiration Within

Inspiration : something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone
an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires
Where It all started : In the second grade I’d been given the assignment to come up with a poem 
The child that I was then thought ..what do I love.. STARS..
So my second grade wheels were turning coming up with all the things that stars meant to me 
the end result is this lovely masterpiece and 2nd place winner 
Then I believe in the 3rd grade I was put in a small school paper for my short story Jenni and The Magical Horse..hmm I don’t know how that came about 
Along the way: Writing has always been an outlet for me Id sit in my room as a teen blare the music put myself in this giant bubble and just write 
Writing came easier to me then I could write about stars and horses or kissing a boy for the first time like it had just happened 
Now: trying to put thoughts on to paper or on a screen are tougher. The words in my head are everywhere 
and sometimes the thoughts just seem too Generic. 
The Future: I will try to not be so critical of my writing 
I will find the inspiration within myself