Easing into working out
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Easing into working out

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Good morning everyone! Is it me or when January started everyone went on a complete health kick?! Not that that is not awesome but I just couldn’t do it! For me personally I had to sort of ease into it. I’ve also never really liked going to the gym and working out. I prefer to either run or do a class. Since I haven’t ran in a while I needed some motivation and that meant new active wear! I found this zip jacket for $30 and I have to say its perfect and it also comes in a few other colors (linked below) While buying activewear can be pricey sometimes I loved that my nearest Nordstrom Rack had a great selection. Next up is I always make sure to stretch and hydrate. I usually do 2 reps each of about 6 different exercises that really help prep my upper, mid and lower body for a run. When it comes to running I normally start off with a light jog then pick up the pace and just seeing how far I can go without stopping. At the end of run I make it a point to do a few light stretches so that my muscles can relax a bit. 
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Have a simply lovely Monday everyone!