Enjoying Fall
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Enjoying Fall

So far this fall has been amazing we’ve done so much. We went to Shnepfs Farm <–Spelling is probably wrong I can never remember how to spell it to save my life lol Going here is what i look forward to every year. The pig races the spooky train KETTLE CORN!! Oh ya did i mention the KETTLE CORN YUM . We had so much fun playing good game of putt putt. It was also my bestfriends 22nd birthday I loves her so much ! Baking lets see I’ve made sugar cookies, muffins and banana bread. If anyone has any reciepes send them my way on here or facebook im up for the challenge ..hmm thought maybe i should start making a personal cook book.I still havent had time to scrapbook hopefully ill have sometime soon. Chris and I have been thinking on if we should get Riley a brother soon still havent decided yet i think yes another puppy. Chris and I have been addicted to Netflix the past couple of weeks we LOOVEE movies. 2 Days Till Our Halloween Party Cant wait to see everyone in their costumes I hope everyone has a good time .


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