Exciting News !
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Exciting News !

Hello ! Happy Monday! I thought I would try something new with you all! Normally Monday’s are all about a new outfit that I hope brings some inspiration to you but today Im sharing with you My first ever YOUTUBE VIDEO
Yes you heard right! I have been wanting to do youtube videos for you sometime now. I actually tried a couple of times but me being me It wasn’t turning out how I wanted so I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. Plus I was waiting to get a new laptop that had iMovie on it so that obviously happened . WAHoo! I also know that this video is by no means any where close to being “fancy”or “profesional” but I’m hoping I will get better at editing and such. So if you have any tips just let me know. In starting a Youtube channel I’m hoping that I get a chance to share more DIY’s, Hair Tutorials and Lifestyle videos as well that has a more personal feel. I’m feel really lucky to have such lovely readers who have followed along with me this far! It’s been a great experience to share my ideas with you and get feedback from all of it. So please do make sure you leave me your comments on YOUTUBE, EMAIL or HERE

Thank you for always supporting me ! I hope to be uploading every few weeks ! So make sure you let me know what you want to see .