Fall Staples Part: UNO
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Fall Staples Part: UNO

I finally had a chance to clean out my closet and bring out the winterish items !
With that said My GOODNESS I had SOOO Much CRAP! 

Harvest by HIGHS on Grooveshark

I have two bags I still need to drop off at goodwill 
I have gotten a few items to spruce up the fall wardrobe 
Here is what I have gotten so far or decided to bring back out 
Lets start with scarves : you can never have to many I love my leopard print scarf with a striped topped
Faux leather vest: Snagged this one from aeropostale such a great investment 
Denim: never gets old denim on denim,denim dress it up or down love it 
Beanies the greatest invention when your having a bad hair day
Buckle Booties: Target Purchase (If you havent gotten the cartwheel app do so you can save on lots of things) like theses boots I got an extra 15% off on them !
Leather leggins: AKA Hott Pants ! I brought these back out there great with a slouchy tee and some heels 
Berry Lips: Giveaway =) 
Whats are your fall staples =) 
Happy Tuesday Bloggers

8 responses to “Fall Staples Part: UNO”

  1. Love love love chunky scarves!

  2. Elissa Garza says:

    Like that white vest!

  3. NewlyLoved says:

    yes, to me scarves and leggings are a must have!!
    totally following

    xo Jessica
    follow back if ya like!

  4. LittleBird says:

    I just donated 7 bags of clothes… and still somehow have 2 closets full of stuff I can't part with… yet. :/
    I also have an insane obsession with scarves AND just bought my first 2 beanies… I'm not sure I can pull them off but I'll try! 😀


    • Monic says:

      wow 7 bags that is a lot. I feel like its harder for women to get rid of our clothes because trends are always changing ! when i wore my beanie a few ppl looked at me like i was cray but who cares i knew i looked cute in it =) you can do it !

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