How To Wear A Faux Fur Vest In The Winter
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How To Wear A Faux Fur Vest In The Winter

how to wear a faux fur vest with jeans and knit sweater

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Boots with the fur…? Anyone else think of that song when they here the word fur? While my boots don’t have fur on them today I am sharing a bit of faux fur with this cute vest. This faux fur vest is one of my closet staples but I wanted to show you all how to wear a faux fur vest in the winter.

Keep Reading Casual Faux Fur Vest

When it comes to wardrobe essentials a faux fur vest is right there along side the military vest. The military vest is great for spring and fall but since we are in winter the faux fur vest is the perfect addition to my outfits. Not only is this cozy vest is a great way to add texture it also adds warmth. Double win in my book! Vests like this come in all shades and styles these days so it’s easy to dress them up and down.

How To Style Faux Fur Vest

For today’s look I am styling this faux fur vest with a grey knit sweater. If you look closely this grey sweater has a dash of shimmer in it so you could also where it in the evening. Other sweater colors that I think would are white, black and even beige. I also opted for white jeans, brown boots and a red beret. At first I had on black jeans but I just had to go with white jeans. Really, white jeans are great all year around! What do you think about wearing white denim all year around?


I’m surprised I haven’t worn my faux fur vest a lot this year. Last year I wore it so much it was insane!

blogger wearing faux fur vest with winter outfit

Goodness that metallic shimmer sweater gets me every time! 

Another faux fur vest outfit idea would be to swap the jeans out for a midi skirt or even a black pleated one. I’d so wear that for an evening date night look.

how to wear a faux fur vest in the winter

winter outfit ideas with faux fur vests and white jeans

There you go ladies! A fabulous but casual way to wear a faux fur vest. Actually more then one way but any who sometimes I just help myself with the outfit ideas. I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was a great mix of relaxing and fun. Chris and I went to go see Aqua Man and it was amazing! Have you all seen it yet? If you haven’t you must check it out! We went to go see it at one of our favorite theaters The Alamo. We love going there since we can order food and drinks as well. I had a nice glass of wine with my giant batch of popcorn!

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