Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture
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Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture

fertility acupunture

As many of you know our infertility journey has not been easy for us and we feel very lucky to share with you all the ups and downs as well as new things we have been trying. Which leads me to today’s post as I wanted to share with you all my journey with fertility acupuncture. As always I want to start off by saying this is what I’m personally trying and again am not a medical professional so please seek out your doctor or acupuncturist first.

I have never done acupuncture before prior to this and admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I had heard that it works for some and some don’t feel a difference. It’s nothing new to hear that I have a really difficult time relaxing when I get massages so getting poked by a bunch of needles and having to lay there I thought that for sure it wasn’t going to work.

My first appointment was about an hour with the first half being a medical history run down and questions on where I was at now. My acupuncturist also talked about what she would be doing and why. After that the acupuncture began and guess what it wasn’t bad at all!! I had really tiny needles placed on areas such as my feet, legs, belly, arms and forehead. Seriously though I could’t even feel most of them! I layed still for about 25 minutes listening to soothing music and saying one of my mantras or happy thoughts ( see more below ) Then the needles were removed.

When I got up I made sure to take my time and I actually felt relaxed. I’ve gone three more times since then and every time I get closer to falling asleep! I’m sure some people sleep but I feel like that is an improvement for me in relaxing. I’ve rounded up some more helpful info on fertility acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well for you below.

Fertility Issues Treated with Acupuncture

Ovulation Stimulation

Egg Quality and Health Improvement

Reduces Infertility Related Stress

Improves Body’s Internal Energy

Helps Improve Blood Circulation to the Uterus

Chinese Medicine

These are some of the Chinese medicines that I take per my acupuncturist request. Some help with my Endometriosis, ovarian, function, tissue integrity and stress management.


Optimag Neuro
Jade Disperse 2



Need Help Relaxing??

I have one mantra that I repeat over and over in my head that helps and that is ” I will have happy and healthy babies” or I think about what our family vacations will be like when we have children. Our favorite place is Hawaii so it’s usually a beach day with our bundle of joy.

I hope that again you find today’s infertility post helpful. If you have any other tips or advice for futility acupuncture please feel free to leave them below I’m sure someone else is wondering the same thing or would love to know.