Fresh Friday ..Cowboy Cookies
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Fresh Friday ..Cowboy Cookies

I am in love with this yummy drink today

I used the smaller cup for this one 
*Handful of Kale
*Handful of Spinach
*3 Slices of Cucumber (peeled)
*7 Raspberries
*6-8 Chunks of pineapple 
*Half Water/ Half Organic Apple Juice
BTW I added 1tbls of flax seed as well  
After You Drink This You Might Be Overly Jazzed 
Tupperware Rule 
* I don’t know about everyone else but this I believe in it *
If someone gives you Tupperware filled with treats inside you are to return the Tupperware with goodies inside as well 
My Dear Friend Lindsay and I get super excited when it comes to baking !
So when she so generously gave me scrumptious cookies I ate them in like one sitting with a girly movie in my what I call fatty pants and I forgot to return the favor for like 5..6 months
So yesterday I got to baking cowboy cookies
The Recipe is one that I found online because anytime I try using oatmeal it ends up being a complete fail!
The 3 Main Ingrediants are 
Chocolate Chips 
Here is the link if you would like to use this AMAZE (all CAPS is necessary) recipe 
Have a wonderful weekend