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Fun Size Fashion

Laying in bed its almost 11 its one of those days where my endometriosis has taken over
Today’s blog 
My Style
I don’t have 1 specific style I go with my mood and the days events
My Fashion Bad Habits: Stripes I love them I gravitate to them A LOT! and the fact that when I clean out my closet I only have  one or two things I give away ..eek what if it comes back in style is my excuse.
I’m 5’2( Hint Fun Size) and I have a size 5 foot so you can already tell my minor issues when shopping 
Insidious Chapter 2 ; My thoughts It was alright..Why..Younger Pop..That will be another blog..My outfit that day loved (classy casual)
Top: Forever21 Jeans: American Eagle Belt: AE Shoes: (old) Michael Antonio Bag: Michael Kors
Cardinals/Lions Game ; It was a great game invited the family over we had homemade nachos and ordered pizza (girly girl gone a bit sporty)
 Top: Cardinals Jersey (old) Skirt: H&M Sandals: Target Watch: MK
Can’t wait to here what you guys think about my outfits. Also let me know if there is anything you would like me to do a post on . 
Have a Wonderful Wednesday