Giant Stuffed Mushrooms
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Giant Stuffed Mushrooms

Monday night was not a great night for the husband and I. We both felt under the weather. So when it came to dinner time I made these juicy stuffed mushrooms because I didn’t feel like cooking. I took the stems off took a spoon and got rid of the insides a bit more to make room for the filling before anything else.

Ingredients: 4 large mushrooms of your choice
Extra virgin olive oil
Handful of spinach
1/2 cup bread crumbs
powdered garlic or 1 clove
shredded cheese
2 slices of cooked bacon

How To:
combine the  bread crumbs,cheese in one bowl and mix
chop bacon into
tiny pieces
take the handful of spinach and slice and throw in a small pan with finely chopped garlic and a tiny bit of S&P and EVOO for a 3-5 min on medium heat
stuff each mushroom with bacon first, spinach and garlic mix then finally the bread crumbs and cheese
place on baking sheet
drizzle mushrooms with evoo
bake for 15-20 min 350 degrees and there u have it a few simple ingredient and a yummy dish

:my husband made a little spicy mayo sauce with it;
(combine mayo, ketchup and Sriracha)