Christmas Gifts For In-Laws and Parents
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Christmas Gifts For In-Laws and Parents

gift guide for parents and in laws



It’s that time of year where your starting to collect ideas for everyone during Christmas and to be honest I’m so excited you all said you wanted Christmas gift ideas for the in-laws and parents! Finding gifts for in-laws and parents is a tricky one at least I think so.  In today’s first Christmas gift guide you will find a variety of items from electronics, home and more!


Christmas gift guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Digital Frames are always a good idea! I love the ease of them now where you can just upload your favorite photos from your phone to the frame. Here is another option for a digital frame.

Security Door Bell – This is one item we really love having in our home. It’s an easy way to see who is at your door and say a hello if you want.

Photo Calendars – A lovely heart felt gift for parents or in-laws to look at while they are at home.

Ohmaha Steaks Gift Card – We have given this as a gift to Chris’s parents a few years back and it was a hit!

Ancestry DNA Kit – How cool is it now that you can learn more about your families

Monogrammed Robes – Who doesn’t love getting all snuggled up in a nice plushy robe especially one that is monogrammed.

Electric Kettle – A cup of tea anyone!

Cooking Classes – Who doesn’t love to learn something new especially in a fun class. The cooking classes from Sur La Table are fabulous!

Monogrammed SlippersHis and Hers monogrammed slippers are

Netflix Subscription – I love this because I feel like a lot of our conversations happen around what we are watching and now the parents and in laws can join in on all the binge watching

Nice Bottle Of Wine – Splurge on a nice bottle of wine that they might not buy for themselves.

Tickets For A Night Out – Get tickets to watch a show at a local theater, tickets for a comedy show or even to see a movie.


Now that you have a great list of Christmas gifts to give to the in-laws and parents what will you get them? If you have any other ideas please feel free to leave below and share with the other readers!



Thanks for stopping by stay tuned for another gift next week!