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Going Nude

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Happy Friday everyone! If you haven’t noticed on Friday’s I try to do something different when it comes to blog posts on here. I always have so much fun creating new content with you and more of that is going to be coming as soon as we get settled and moved into the new home (literally counting down the days). I feel like lately I have been back in forth between a darker lip and softer nude lip. For today’s purpose I thought it would be a great idea to start off with three nude lip colors I am loving and am constantly wearing on REPEAT! 

Starting with the darkest shade is THIS ONE from Too Faced. I got it one of my monthly boxes and have since then been keeping it with me in my purse. I like that this gloss has a subtle hint of brown in it for that just right amount of color. * A little goes a long way with this one *

Right in the middle is THIS splurge lipstick. I’m pretty sure I could own every single one of these YSL lipsticks the formula is simply divine! This one has a pink hue which I love for those days I want to girl it up a bit. 
Lastly is this lightest one of them all. I bought this one randomly while out and about! *we all know how that goes. You go in for one thing and end up with a basketful of who knows what! LOL I use this one a lot when I am doing a more glamorous eye and just need more of soft shimmer to my lips. 
nude lip color - too faced - chihuahua
nude lip colors - lip gloss
 (Sultry) – CHIHUAHUA
3 nude lip colors you need - lipstick - lipgloss
YSL lip color - YSL nude beige
(Girly) – Nude Biege 
blush beige - nude lipstick
maybelline new york - beauty - lipstick
 (Soft Sheen) – Blush Beige 
What is your favorite color of these 3? I’m on the hunt for one more any suggestions? 
This weekend we are doing more new house errands and celebrating another birthday! Make sure you are following along!