Great Skin Starts With The Palm Of Your Hand
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Great Skin Starts With The Palm Of Your Hand

Monday we meet again… and while I’m not looking forward to the countless hours on the computer or the errand running. I will say that while I am out doing all these things I will feel amazing and confident because of my skin. I like to keep my skincare routine simple with as little products as possible. With that being said I am so excited to share with you my collaboration with Foreo
and how great skincare starts at the palm of your hand. 
I was previously using a bristle cleansing brush but since I’ve been on medication for acne my skin got really sensitive so I stopped using it and made the switch. Since then my skin has been feeling refreshed and happy. 
The real game changer for me was the silicone touch points in the LUNA go! In just one minute the thousands of pulsations gently deep cleans my face, while leaving it so smooth. As if it couldn’t get any better, you can turn the device over and start using the anti-aging mode. I have been using this around my eye and chin area and I love it!
This tiny but mighty tool is one that I use everyday. Lately I have been using this brighting face wash then to finish it off I use this moisturizer. When you see how good it is you won’t want to leave without it! Therefore I even make sure to toss it in my bag when i’m traveling.
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Foreo - Simply Sutter - Monic Sutter - skincare routine
I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this product! Have a great day! 

Thank you to Foreo for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own.