Halloween Tag
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Halloween Tag

 I saw that the lovely 20/30 Glam did a tag 
so I decided to follow in their steps 
check their site out for some great tips on beauty 
1. What is your favorite Halloween
This is a toughie I have a few – 1.
Hocus Pocus 2. The pumpkin tree 3. All Jason Movies
But I love scary Movies !
2. What was your favorite costume?

Since my husband and I first started
dating we always do the couple costumes the favorite one was when I was an
Indian and He was the chief super cute I say

3. Do you like haunted houses?

Eek No I always hide
4.What’s your favorite candy?
Kit Kats or sixlets ( I know weird but
I cant help it )
5. Do you decorate for Halloween?
Yes Every year I love it ! for our
house warming we did a Halloween party my grandparents even dressed up =)

6. Do you still dress up for
Halloween? And if so, what are you going to be this year?

Yes I even dress up the pups this
year I am going to be a scarecrow
7. What is the one Halloween candy
you can’t stand?
Tootsie rolls eew
8. What’s your best halloween
Hmm I can’t really think of one
9. What song comes to mind when you
think of Halloween?
Thriller by Michael Jackson –That video
still scares me
10. What’s your favorite part of
The Candy
11. Would you rather trick or treat?
12. Candy Corn. Take it, or leave
Leave it but if its in front of me
ill eat it
13. If a black cat crosses your
path, what do you do?
Probably think I hope it has a home
14. Do you carve/decorate pumpkins?
Yes ! Im kinda into doing a doctor
who theme one (nerd alert) or maybe a minion (kid at heart)
Ashley~ Only did it a few times and
I’m no good at it!
15. How old were you when you
stopped trick or treating?
I think 13 I was a “pajama girl” idk
it was in then
16. Festive nail art. Yes or no?
Mmm probably not