How I Designed My Blog (tips)
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How I Designed My Blog (tips)

Hey Bloggers

Happy Friday!!


Today I thought I’d share with you how I Designed my blog

with the help of some other bloggers and there tips

I thought it would be fun to do some searching how to do this instead of finding 

someone to do it for me

which is completely fine too♥


Blogger Header

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This part of my blog was super fun !

I found a wonderful blogger by the name Karen over @ Sew Many Ways 

who did a fantastic job at creating a tutorial on how to do this using PicMonkey and I ♥ me some PicMonkey


Grab Button


This is where other blogger can copy and paste your blog url with pic and put on their blog

“Sharing the Blogger love”

Ashley over @ B. Your Own Blog gives you all the details on how to create ur own personal button♥



Social Media Buttons    

I wondered for a long time how do other bloggers get those FANCY media buttons

if you have too then Carrie @ Carrie Loves can help with that and the best part is’s FREE!

I chose Radiant Orchid as my color but she provides many other pretty colors as well ♥



Shop Widgets

I have always loved fashion so when I came across other style bloggers who had 

these “currently craving or shop with me” widgets I began to do some research on what shop widget was better for MY page between RewardStyle & ShopSense 

The Lovely Taylor Davies gives you the all the info in helping you make

 the decison on how each one works♥



At the end of my blog post you will see 

Rekita @ Her and Nicole shares how to get a pretty signature 
on to all your blog posts in a few easy steps

Blog Link

This is the one where if at the end of writing your comment you want to have your link to your blog be 

there with one simple click easy for the other blogger to visit your page 

Rebeca @ The Bexter gives you the easiest tutorial ever to do so 

“FYI” make sure you save this somewhere where you can just copy and paste it easy ♥

 Instagram Widget

I used Statigram to do this 

Click on the link and it make sure to click on the one for photo gallery widget♥


At this moment I’m still working on how to customize the hover Pinterest widget 

when I get all that sorted I will be sure to share with you all 

I hope these fellow bloggers and links helped you with creating your own blogs 

they sure helped me BUNCHES ♥♥♥

Thank You Bloggers♥ 

If you have tutorial to share I’d love to see and try it out 

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